How nikon used online reviews to compete with the smartphone industry

April 12, 2017 08:01 PM | Written by: Karlijn Fiesler

Imagine being an established brand in the photography industry, making cameras for over more than a hundred years. What would you do if people started using their smartphone to take everyday pictures?



Collecting 90 reviews within 4 weeks

Nikon took on the competition with the smartphone and designed COOLPIX, a compact camera range that makes it easy for consumers to take stunning pictures and share them with others. Just like the smartphone, it fits right into your pocket, which makes it easy to take with you on the go.

Now all Nikon wanted was 90 authentic user stories from everyday people to spread the word....



Finding consumers from different backgrounds

We needed personal stories and technical analyses on the retailer websites that were most important to Nikon.

The reviews had to showcase the ability of the COOLPIX camera to capture life’s moments at any given time, as well as a high quality.

We reached out to people who were seeking an alternative to their smartphone camera, creative hobbyists that prefer lots of zoom power and compactness, and hobby photographers who found their DSLR camera too bulky to carry around.

They tested the COOLPIX camera for four weeks.


Rene Dijk | Senior Manager Marketing and Communications at Nikon:

"We are impressed by the amount of reviews, their quality and the speed with which Stars and Stories managed to achieve all this.”



Exceeding the target by 35 reviews

More than 125 online reviews were posted in four weeks time on, Coolblue and Kieskeurig, 3 of the most important Dutch online retailers to Nikon.

The reviews contained both technical analyses as well as personal stories and counted an average of 147 words (opposed to the average of 70). They kickstarted the online market introduction of COOLPIX and managed to explain the biggest features of the camera through the eyes of everyday people.


Watch a unique reviewer in this video

Peter builds organs for churches. Watch the video to see how he tested Nikon Coolpix in his own, unique way.



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