1299 opinions about NIVEA skin care products (within three months)

May 02, 2017 05:06 PM | Written by: Karlijn Fiesler

We couldn't resist the challenge of finding 725 men and women who wanted to test a NIVEA skin care product and write multiple reviews about it. So we dug deep and aimed high. Read the case to find out how it paid off.



The challenge

To be honest, this has been one of our biggest challenges we've faced so far. Beiersdorf, a wholesale company for body care brands like NIVEA and Labello, approached us to run an Online Reviews Campaign in the Netherlands.

So far no problem.

Until they briefed us about the numbers:

  • 29 SKU's (e.g. day cream, night cream, cleansing gel, makeup remover)
  • 25 samples of each SKU (725 in total)
  • 1102 unique and authentic reviews
  • on 4 different retail websites

And there was one more request:

Can you do it in 3 months?

Finding the reviewers

Although we have a very healthy and loyal Dutch community of reviewers, it was a bit of a stretch to find 725 people in three months who wanted to test the samples. After all, some people just don't like changing brands. And not everyone is into creams.

Call on the ads

We decided to recruit outside our community by advertising on Facebook and Instagram, connecting to Facebook groups and beauty bloggers. Slowly but surely it paid off. By the time the first samples went out, we already recruited more than 250 skin lovin' people.

Three months, 52 emails and 33 social media posts later, it turned out we had managed to recruit more than 850 people willing to test and review a NIVEA product. Of which we had selected 725.


The result: 1299 unique and authentic reviews

We like round numbers, but we just didn't want to make it 1300, as it wasn't. It was exactly 1299 beautiful reviews and we are kind of proud of it.

Not so much because of the large numbers, or the fact that 1246 wrote positively about it, but because of the quality. The reviews were indepth, highlighted the usp's of the products, had an average word count of 96 and were posted on the four most important pharmaceutical etailers.

It was great to see how serious even our male reviewers could write about a cream:


Schermafbeelding 2017-05-02 om 15.08.20.png

Translated, Ronald says:

"The Nivea sensitive facial cream is a great product. The cream is easy to apply thanks to the tube and it gives you exactly the boost that you need. I use the cream every morning after showering. I love the fact that it doesn't make my skin feel sticky and it doesn't make my skin shimmer. The only downside is that after 4-6 hours, it feels like the cream has lost it's effects. The skin is still hydrated, but you can feel the dry spots coming back. I would recommend this cream to every man who like to pay some more attention to his personal body care. "


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